Pennsylvania Supervised Visitation Task Force
Judge Jeannine Turgeon, Chair
Sarina Bishop, MSW
Lynne Gold-Bikin, Esquire
Jenny Lesher
Marisa McClellan, Solicitor
Sandra Meilton, Esquire
Margaret Simok, Esquire
Ashley Turgeon Milspaw, MS, PsyD
Judge David Workman
Cheryl Young, Esquire

DVD Production
Margy Whitmer – Producer
Jennifer Ellis, Esquire – Editor, Website, & Facebook

Thank you for the generous donation of video services from the
Pennsylvania Bar Institute
and funding from the Dauphin County Bar Foundation and
Dauphin County Bar Association’s Family Law Section.

Valerie Pritchett

James Abraham, Esquire
Laurie Baughman
Anita Blackston
Dontie Zamar Brooks
Ashley Forsyth
Haley Forsyth
Esmeralda Hetrick
Taniyah Littles
Christopher Michael
Marian Murphy
Mariano Peters
Timothy Potts
Myra Sachs, Esquire
America Vail
Isaac Vail
Manuel Valore

Our special thanks to the volunteer actors and also to those individuals
who volunteered but do not appear in the final video

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