In child custody, it is not unusual for the Court to require supervised parental visitation, also known as supervised physical custody, for the safety and comfort of children. Frequently, relatives or friends are selected and appointed to serve in this capacity as an alternative to using formal visitation centers.

Unfortunately, little if any information or guidance is ever available to these individuals to explain what is expected of them while they are serving in this important capacity.

The Pennsylvania Supervised Visitation Task Force joined together and determined that the best way to provide information about being a supervisor would be a “role playing video” showing common scenarios. This website and video are the result.

Whether you are a supervisor, parent, or someone interested in supervised child custody, you will find something of use on this site for you. Please watch the video, review the materials, and view the myriad links included for more information.

If you are interested in using the video and materials for your own supervised visitation purposes you are welcome to do so. The video and materials, including credits, must be kept intact. None of the information on this website or in the video may be sold.

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